Hotel San Remo (Complejo San Remo): Um local a evitar em absoluto

In the Hotel:

1. There are cockroaches on the corridor, in several places (pictures taken)

2. The room 307 on 6 august was not made several times

3. In the bathroom of room 307 some wall storage were absent

4. In the same room there are no light bulb on the bed and also in the bathroom

5. All days some sell people with neck lass, rings, etc can be seen selling stuff inside the pool space

6. The windows of the bathroom of room 227 goes directly to a balcony of an adjacent room

7. The corridor show several damages on the ceiling, with many holes, not repaired.

In the restaurant:

1. There is no water. All the water is sold by 50 cents each glass. The manager refused to give a glass of water

2. The manager of the restaurant takes the foods together with the guests at 2150 and start eating in a table, between them. Same behavior during breakfast. No employees follow this example.

3. The milk with chocolate, the milk with coffee taken on the machine, always includes some water.

4. For several times, all tables were taken, but one third of the room has empty tables with the “sign” reserved. Why the guests have to wait, then?

5. In the restaurants, and in the rooms (227) there some electrical cables not protected

6. Most of the British and Spanish guests take with half pension take freely all the drinks that they want. But some other nationalities (Portuguese, namely) were demand to pay for it (as they should, accordingly to hotel rules). Why these different treatment accordingly to the nationality?

7. The payment for the drinks were simply placed in the pocket of the restaurant manager. That doesn’t seem very regular. On some days the change were retrieved from an used plastic glass of coca cola… Not professional. The bills were not regular. Didn’t contain the name of the hotel or the vat number.

8. Some employees of the restaurant have long hair, not properly secured. The cook also can be seen without the hat.

9. Several photocopied papers were on the tables with different phrases. In Spanish, English, Dutch, German and even Hungarian, but not Portuguese, one of the main origins of tourists visiting the hotel

10. Although the food seems safe its of very low quality. One of the most common dishes were recycled meat. All days that kind of food seem to have come directly from the day before

11. There are only 2 toasters on the restaurant and one permanently turned off, but working

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